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church of the exposed rib cage

"i can see your bra."
five words uttered in a tone so
incriminating you would’ve thought
i had committed something so 
blasphemous and sinful
that i was just begging to be shamed
for such insidious actions. 

No, ladies and gentleman,
i was not giving the devil a blow job
whilst fingering Mary Magdalene;
no, it was not a biblical threesome
that provoked those words,
it was a tank top with low arms,
and the material of the side of a bra,
peeking out if i so happened to move
my arms a certain way.

On numerous occasions this comment 
has been forced upon my ears,
as if these ladies cannot handle the sight
of the side of a bra;
as if they have never seen it themselves
in broad daylight.
And what makes this so ridiculous is the
fact that people point it out as if
i didn’t mean for it to happen. 
because the thought of somebody not covering
themselves in an area that
is more often than not
seems outlandish to some, i suppose.

What gets me is the fact that we feel the need
to make these comments and act as if these things
are wrong.
Whether it’s the side of a bra, or a bra strap, or maybe
even the top of the cups, that’s just what it is.
Why do we insist on being
so incriminating on something
that was probably a case of somebody not 
adjusting their shirt?

Because our society has deemed these articles
of clothing “vulgar” and “for the bedroom” 
we see them as “something to keep hidden”
and “for special eyes only”,
when really, they’re just different garments.

To those who have bought into what our society
has sexualized, i say this.
If you cannot handle seeing the side of my bra 
and potentially some of my rib cage,
then maybe you need to spend a little time with
the canvas of your skin, and see that is nothing
more than that.

Not a bunch of fat that we have grouped into our
minds as things to lust for and get jealous over
because maybe ours aren’t the way we want them.

Not three parts that deem what you are worth
and decide what you do in society. 

Not the clothes you wear
or the ones some people don’t.

Our bodies are sacred landscapes that transport
all the things that keep us living millions of times over,
however we chose to adorn them as individuals is
a decision we should make on our own.
Self love doesn’t come easy,
but when it does,
it comes from dressing how you want,
fucking as you want,
living as you want,

breathing as yourself.  

If all you can see in the mirror,
is what a magazine or an advertisement
or maybe someone you love,
has told you to look for,

maybe, you need to find a different
way to look at yourself.